What is CPA?

About CPA

CPA gathers the results of the information contained in the Institutional Development Plan and the Self-Assessment process implemented twice a year with students and once a year with teachers, staff and the community. Ten dimensions and five axes are evaluate, including: social responsibility, physical infrastructure, communication with society, among others.


The Dean’s Office of UDC Medianeira and General and Course Coordination have the practice of observing frequent and continuous innovations and improvements. "The Dean’s focus has always been on ensuring quality in teaching, scientific research, extension and academic-administrative management activities in UDC, so reports are tools that help and add up to decision-making for improvements that always occur promptly.".

Members of the Comission

Presidente Claudimery Chagas Dzierva

Teacher representative: Alexandre de Souza Giovenardi

Technical-Administrative: Edson Luiz Bittencourt

Technical-Administrative: Rodrigo Vilar Gonçalves

Civil Society: Adriene Gomes Ferreira Yassine

Civil Society: Eliane Cristiane Nunes Gauto

Student: Kauana Nassin Safa

Student: Leonardo Miguel