Psychopedagogical Support Center

    The “Núcleo de Apoio Psicopedagógico” aims to:

    Support students with personal problems, affecting learning.

    Support students and teachers with interpersonal relationship problems, either with their own colleagues or in the teacher-student relationship.

    Support teachers in face of the need for methodological guidance.

    Support the administrative staff in the face of situations within the scope of the center.

    Guide students and teachers to optimize individual and group learning.

    Collaborate with teaching and institutional assessment.

    Offer strategies aimed at prophylaxis of recurrence of antipodal situations to optimal teaching-learning conditions.


    Psychologist: Angela Dall'Oglio. E-mail: apoiopsicopedagogico@udc.edu.br

    Office hours: From 18h30 to 19h30 - Wednesday. Local: Place: Sala 8 - Bloco 2.