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    Medianeira UDC is the basis of the Interinstitutional Doctorate in Business Administration UDC / Mackenzie

    The UDC Group and Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie de São Paulo signed an agreement that brings to Medianeira and the entire western region of Paraná, exclusively, the Interinstitutional Doctorate in Business Administration, a stricto sensu Graduate Program. The Course will be held at UDC Medianeira.

    “Mackenzie University is very demanding and detailed when choosing its partners, and for UDC to be one of the chosen ones is an honor. Our focus is on high quality, high performance. Our demanding work is the same in all units. This agreement was very well done. There are many years of relationship, meticulous work, and now, a dream come true. This Doctorate in Business Administration will serve the research professors and also the administrators, managers and entrepreneurs who will add the innovative theory of the Doctorate with the day-to-day practice ”, declared Rosicler Hauagge do Prado, Dean of Centro Universitário UDC.

    “To create such an agreement, we have to have a connection that leads us to believe that the institution has the same values and ideals as we do. That it has a solid economic character, that is, that it is an effective partner in everything, and UDC Medianeira brings that security to Mackenzie University ”, reports the Pro-Dean of Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie Prof. Doctor Felipe Chiarello.

    According to the Pro-Dean of Centro Universitário UDC Prof. Fábio Prado, Medianeira is a very strong center in the western region of Paraná. Prado highlights two national companies in the city, Frimesa and Lar. “They are a great pride for us and are among the best and largest companies in the country. In them, professionals who live in the region, work facing national competition. We understand the need to have a Doctorare in Business Administration in Medianeira for this reason. Our market will receive through this Doctorate, knowledge with innovation, with discussions that take place in major centers around the world. We are the only partners during this period. Universidade Mackenzie will have two classes, one in São Paulo and one in Medianeira. It is an exclusive relationship ”, explains.

    “UDC is a strategic institution from the national point of view, due to the intense capillarity it has with several regions related to Foz, Medianeira and the entire state of Paraná and also due to the reputation that UDC has provided us as a true multiplier agent of the partnership that we have already had ”, declared the Coordinator of the Stricto Sensu Graduate Programs at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie Profa. Dra. Maria Cristina Triguero Veloz Teixeira.


    Executive Director of FRIMESA, Mr. Elias José Zydek - “For some time now, we needed to travel to larger centers. Today, this option provided by UDC is in line with everything we wanted. The training of people is the key to the success of FRIMESA and the entire company. It is an achievement, for us as a company, it came in handy perfectly. We have different areas in the field of administration that need deepening and knowledge. We are very happy and gratified with the UDC initiative to provide this level of education and knowledge to all of us. Who knew that our team could seek knowledge through UDC and Universidade Mackenzie!”.

    Financial Administrative Superintendent of Cooperativa Lar, Clédio Roberto Marschall - For us at Lar, this Doctorate makes perfect sense, especially here in Medianeira, which is where we have our administrative center. Medianeira is a regional hub that brings together large companies such as Lar and Frimesa, medium-sized companies that operate strongly in exports such as CGS Móveis, in short we have large and important players. As well as our agribusiness industry, which is very strong. Therefore, for us, it is very important that UDC has taken this initiative, because, until then, we had to look for master's and doctorate courses outside of here. This represents a strategic gain for us. The region gains a lot from this. As we have a course of this magnitude, we can add to our region in professionalization and knowledge.”



    The Interinstitutional Doctorate in Business Administration UDC/Mackenzie, held in Medianeira, will be as a mirror of the São Paulo class. It is recognized by CAPES, the regulatory agency for all graduate courses in the country, with a score of 5. According to the Coordinator of the Doctorate in Business Administration, Prof. Walter Bataglia, the main objective of the course is to train qualified professionals at a high level of training, who can collaborate in the development of education in the region, training new doctors who will work in teaching, and on the other hand training professionals who can assist companies, with very expressive training that can support business innovations. "The differential of this course is that it trains trained professionals who can work with a clear schedule, who can understand, diagnose and provide a solution to a problem, both in education, in companies and businesses".



    According to the Pro-Dean of Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Prof. Felipe Chiarello, the more you invest in qualification, the better the remuneration. “Thinking about employability, we know that the more titles, the higher the salary. In a time of economic crisis, it is necessary to invest in yourself, to move forward and not be medíocre. As long as the person is above average, there will always be space ”.



    The promotion of research at Mackenzie is intermediated by the Coordination for the Promotion of Research. "The program receives research grants directed to agencies such as CAPES, Cnpq and FatesSP", stresses Prof. Maria Cristina, the Coordinator.

    “We received a huge internal investment, we have Capes' internationalization program, which invested more than R $ 12 million in Mackenzie for the development of internationalization. Professionals will be trained in this context, of internationalization, which gives them access, to discuss problems and their training not only with teachers in Brazil, but also with international ones ”, explains the Coordinator of the Doctorate in Business Administration, Dr. Walter Bataglia.


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