• 2021APRIl

    Learn about the importance of a graduate program and check out the options at UDC Medianeira.

    Professional updating, career advancement and salary increase. These are some of the examples of the advantages of taking a graduate course, and UDC MEDIANEIRA offers options of courses with in-person classes.

    Last Saturday, students participated in the in-person inaugural class with professor Dr. Suziméri Vilas Bôas Pescador, who brought up a very current theme: Career and Change Management: Soft or Hard Skills.

    The General Coordinator of UDC MEDIANEIRA, Prof. Clara Heinzmann, opened the evening and stressed the importance of continuing education for professional training, stressing that UDC is renowned for its graduate programs.

    The advantages of a Graduate course are valid in any professional or economic moment, but the importance of a specialization program is even more evident in times of economic crisis. At UDC MEDIANEIRA, the options, in this semester, to further improve the career are: MBA in Financial Management, Auditing and Controllership.

    A college degree today is a basic requirement for those entering the professional market, but it is no longer a guarantee to get a good job. “Today, as well as the mastery of another language, and specific skills and competences in each area, graduate education is essential for those who want to stand out”, warns the Director of UDC MEDIANEIRA, Prof. Fábio Prado.

    The Director says that, when entering a graduate course offered by UDC, the professional will enhance their resume, having great conditions to rise to new positions and greater challenges with organizations at the public and private level, whether in the national or international environment.


    Classes in the Graduation courses of UDC MEDIANEIRA take place in person, in accordance with the rules of Municipal Decree 178/2021, of April 6, 2021, which classifies the teaching service as essential.

    Enrollments are open and can be made at UDC Medianeira.