• 2021MAy

    About 600 kg of food collected by the academic community of UDC Medianeira is donated to 4 institutions in Medianeira

    Driven by the feeling of solidarity and welcome, the academic community of the UDC Medianeira joined forces and collected almost 600 kg of food that was distributed to 4 welfare institutions in Medianeira.

    Haitians/Venezuelans Community

    The General Coordinator of UDC MEDIANEIRA Prof. Clara Heinzmann explained the action: “This is an UDC Extension Program that is within the framework of human rights policy and aims to safeguard the principle of human dignity. With this campaign, UDC sought to benefit the needy communities in the municipality of Medianeira, in addition to the families of foreigners who are here.”

    Nossa Senhora Medianeira de Todas as Graças Community

    The institutions supported by this year's campaign, collected the food at UDC Medianeira, and destined for those most in need at that time, they were: Parish Our Nossa Senhora Medianeira de Todas as Graças Parish, Raios de Misericórdia Community, Bairro Vila Nova Community, e Haitians/Venezuelans Community through the work carried out by the Assembleia de Deus Community. “We appreciate the donations and UDC's concern, especially at this time of Pandemic, with the high unemployment rate that has increased the demand for basic products such as food.”

    Raios de Misericórdia Community

    Vila Nova Community